About Us

The North Star Energy Forum is a growing community of concerned citizens committed to two goals – achieving energy security for our country and holding our elected officials more accountable in shaping energy policies.

We have come together to better educate ourselves about energy issues and to support a balanced approach to increasing American supplies of energy.

We support expanded conservation efforts, development of renewable energy sources and increased domestic exploration of traditional, non-renewable energy sources.

If you believe strongly that we must address the growing challenge of energy security through a non-partisan comprehensive, balanced approach, then the North Star Energy Forum is your community.

Minnesota Energy Energy Facts:

Minnesota is a leading producer of ethanol and has over a dozen ethanol production plants primarily in the southern half of the State.
Minnesota ranks among the top States in wind power generation.

Coal-firedpower plants account for nearly 2/3 of Minnesota’s electricity two nuclear power plants generate another 1/4 of state electricity.

The state also generates electricity from conventional hydroelectric dams, municipal solid-waste and landfill gas, and wood waste.

Over 2/3 of Minnesota households use natural gas for heating fuel during the long, cold winters.